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Parambariya Maruthuvam

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Latest Parambariya Maruthuvam Episode

Parambariya Maruthuvam - Episode 944 - February 06, 2016

About Parambariya Maruthuvam

Parambariya Maruthuvam is about practically explaining and showing the remedies for diseases using natural products & items that are readily available at home. Dr.Murugan a renowned Siddha practitioner & Astrologer will discuss about the medicine which he is going to prepare that day. All natural products have natural healing value which will be explained in this segment. Each day the anchor takes a specific ailment/disease and prepares related medicine using the available resources at home. These medicines will not have any side effects as the ingredients are basically items that are naturally available. The astrologer predicts as to what kind of disease a particular person of sun sign will get. He will suggest the medicine, treatment & precautionary measures to be taken accordingly.

Show Time : Mon-Sun 8:30 AM

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