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Oru Kai Osai

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Latest Oru Kai Osai Episode

Oru Kai Osai - Episode 260 - January 30, 2015

About Oru Kai Osai

The protagonist of this daily soap is Vasanthi - a young, docile, caring middle class housewife who is a single mother. Her husband Balu suddenly goes missing one morning, leaving no trace. Left alone with her three under-18 children, Vasanthi wages a daring battle against all odds and a hostile society - first to find her husband and then to fend for herself and her family when her husband could not be found. While the story opens with Balu missing and goes on to depict a fighting Vasanthi, from there it moves on to inform the anticipating viewers what happened to Balu and reveals Maya, the key antagonist of the story and the reason for her interfering in Vasanthi's life. During this phase, it is vividly portrayed how women prove to be the biggest obstacles for a battling woman. The third and final part of the story presents how even Vasanthi's own children become inimical to her and why and narrates the heights of emotional trauma she undergoes to triumph.

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